The Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT) is a non-profit organisation of top-tier film and television professionals, who work immediately around the camera, focused on upholding the quality benchmark of skills and knowledge in the British Film & Television industry.



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Our membership includes the very best technicians in the UK, including Camera, Grips, and Electrical departments, Script Supervisors, DITs, on-set Colourists and specialist technicians in Aerial, Underwater, 3D and VFX Cinematography.

The Guild of British Camera Technicians was formed in 1977 to further the professional interests of the camera department within the British Film and Television Industry. Membership of the Guild is open to those technicians, working with motion picture cameras, who are able to satisfy their peers (represented by the Management Board) that they have reached a certain minimum professional standard in their appropriate grade.

Our ever growing membership now represents a wide range of skills within the Camera Department. The Crew Directory gives rapid access to this pool of talent for many productions both in the UK and overseas.

What we do...

  • Support Career Development
  • Give advice to members whenever required
  • Keep up-to-date with Technology, Camera Data and Working Practices
  • Provide training to the whole industry by industry practitioners
  • Camera and Script Supervisor Trainee Schemes
  • Attend Trade Shows to promote the GBCT, its Members and its Patrons
  • Work with ScreenSkills and other organisations to develop and update the National Occupational Standards for Camera Technicians, Digital Technicians and Script Supervisors
  • Protect the interests of members at national and international levels
  • Work alongside organisations to make sure Technicians' needs are met, acted upon and high standards of practice maintained

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